Introducing Human Science

WMA Human Science Institute offers advanced studies in the humanities and social sciences with special courses and intellectual exchange between East and West, between academia and society, and between a variety of disciplines and schools of thought.

Art and Culture

WMA community studies the philosophical, social, artistic and cultural aspects of human life. WMA Institute for Human Science aims to expand understanding of the human world through a broad interdisciplinary approach. It encompasses a wide range of fields including  arts, history, philosophy, sociology, archaeology and anthropology.

Culture Industry

WMA’s core teaching weaves together a range of different approaches to the cultural industries: high-level business management, creative entrepreneurship, art and culture fundraising, event management, and design and creative marketing. This arts management degree is designed to develop students’ understanding of the art and performing arts sectors and develop professional skills in art management and business. WMA analyses debates in and around culture and the arts, and apply them to contemporary practice, structures, funding and participation.

Museum and Art Foundation Management

WMA arts management studies provide students with a solid education on managing, promoting and developing artistic organizations and linking these associations, as well as expanding professional arts knowledge, management skills, entrepreneurial thinking and creative leadership skills. Delivered in close collaboration with leading arts organisations, WMA provides with the theoretical framework, appropriate skills and practical experience to meet the challenges of working in cultural field covering theory, critical thinking and skills development as well as gaining practical experience.



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