Introducing Luxury Science

WMA Luxury Science Institute combines the ability to imagine new futures and to shape luxury managers and designers equipping them to address urgent global challenges. WMA community goes beyond disciplines and beyond borders.

Luxury Business

Luxury management is just like any other business-oriented profession, except that it deals only in luxury goods and services, and how to market and manage those specific brands to fit with that unique type of consumer. The main sectors of this profession consists of business, design, marketing, finance, advertisement, management, and most notably, fashion.

Luxury Market

WMA programs specialize in luxury to provide a platform for exploring the market of global, luxury goods and services. Students are taught to understand the uniqueness of managing luxury organizations in the forms of retail studies, luxury branding in marketing and management, marketing strategies, global branding, and finance and wealth management courses.

Luxury Fashion

In WMA luxury fashion courses students learn the ins-and-outs of the fashion business and establish unique strategies that help grow luxury brands and enterprises.



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